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Apple iWatch Release date and its price are Mysterious

Apple iWatch Release date and its price are Mysterious

Recently, there are a lot of rumors about Apple Watch information. Now from CNET, Apple iWatch release date is unknown and the iWatch price is a mystery.

The iWatch has curved Gorilla Glass

"Apple is experimenting with wristwatch-like devices made of curved glass," says the NYT's Nick Bilton, quoting "people familiar with the company's explorations". The glass "can curve around the human body" and may be Corning's just-announced Willow Glass, which "can flop as easily as a piece of paper in the wind without breaking."

Adding credence to this particular supposition is the fact that Apple has patented a '90s slap-band style form factor which would require such a flexible display. Apple's patented plenty of tech that never sees the literal light of day - we can't help but hope this isn't one of those.

The iWatch has Bluetooth and a 1.5-inch display

Bluetooth is essential, though: if the iWatch is going to communicate with your phone or iPod, low energy Bluetooth is the way to do it.
A 1.5-inch screen suggests it'll show selected information from your iOS device rather than mirror the whole display, which would be rubbish.

Besides, the iWatch may have Siri and Maps.

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