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Overview Canon EOS 70D VS 60D

To satisfy photography enthusiasts, Canon has the new EOS 70D instead of EOS 60D. The 70D is aimed at keen photographers who want to take their hobby further. These users need a versatile camera that's capable of shooting in a range of conditions and that provides plenty of control. It also has automatic options to help those who are relatively new to photography but want to develop their skills.

70D VS 60D in sensor, burst rate, viewfinder, screen and price

Sensor: Canon has put a completely new sensor in the 70D, featuring some pretty interesting new technologies that are unique to this camera. It remains APS-C sized, but it now has a higher resolution, at 20.2 million pixels compared with the Canon 60D's 18 million pixel. Canon has opted to keep a low pass filter on the camera, unlike the Nikon D7100.

Burst rate: A new processor also facilitates faster burst rates, with the Canon 70D pushing the Canon 60D's 5.3fps up to 7fps, making it just one short of the Canon 7D's 8fps.

Viewfinder: Both the Canon 60D and the Canon 70D use a pentaprism viewfinder, but the Canon 70D's viewfinder now covers 98% of the scene. While this isn't quite as good as the 100% viewfinder offered by the Canon 7D, it does beat both the Canon 60D (96%) and the full-frame Canon 6D (97%).

Screen: While the Canon 70D inherits the articulating, 3-inch, 1 million dot screen from the Canon 60D, it is now a touchscreen, like those on the Canon EOS 700D and Canon EOS 650D. You can use this to make changes in the menu, or to swipe from image to image. When shooting in Live View, the autofocus point can be changed via the touchscreen.

Price: Canon 70D is significantly more expensive than the Canon 60D, with its expected retail price at launch around £1,079.99/US$1,199 (around AU$1,790) body only. This compares with the Canon 60D's street price of around £577.99/US$499/AU$749.

As a photographer, I hope the Canon 70D's price can come down soon because it is a bit expensive.

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Canon EOS 70D

Canon EOS 70D