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Windows 8 Updated, What You Should Know

Microsoft had revealed a lot of details of Windows 8 updated. And the Windows 8.1 will bring greater personalization.

UI Changes

With this update, the Start button sits in the lower-left corner and is always visible, so you no longer need to hover with your mouse to make it appear. In an interview, a Microsoft rep pointed out that this brings a little extra visual continuity, as the Start button has the same flag logo you'll find on your tablet, keyboard, etc.

Lock Screen Slideshow

"As people started using Windows 8, we found that people were using their Lock screens to show pictures of their families," Leblond says. So in Windows 8.1, you can turn your PC or tablet into a picture frame by making your Lock screen a slide show of your pictures - either locally on the device or photos from Microsoft SkyDrive. "We also added the ability to take pictures with the built-in camera right from the Lock screen without having to log in."

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Start Menu

Microsoft updated the Start Screen with two additional tile sizes. You'll probably notice the supersized ones first; these take up about as much space as four regular ones, and are especially well-suited to email or weather updates -- things where there's a lot of information to see. Additionally, Microsoft added some extra-small tiles, which take up a quarter of the space of a standard tile. Maybe you want to use that option with apps you rarely access. In any case, when you're ready to customize your setup, just press and hold an app, then select the resize option.

Aggregated Search

Instead of having to select an app and then search when you go to the Search charm, Bing now powers an aggregated search system from the web, your files, SkyDrive and elsewhere. Leblond says: "We think this will really change the way you interact with the Web and with Windows making it quicker and easier to get things done. It is the modern version of the command line! Results from local files, apps, and settings are easily accessed in the same convenient view by scrolling to the left."

More read: http://www.engadget.com/2013/05/30/microsoft-windows-8-1-unveiled/

Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1