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Microsoft Surface Pro Overview in CES 2013

In CES 2013, Microsoft Surface Pro was valuated high. It will be announced right alongside Surface RT, with a promised release date of sometime in the neighborhood of January 26. Surface Pro is a slightly thicker, much more powerful version of Microsoft’s original Surface tablet. In fact, it looks identical to Surface RT, save for being 0.53-inch thick instead of 0.37-inch thick. And even though it weighs 2 pounds to Surface RT’s 1.5 pounds, it really doesn’t feel all that much heavier.

But, most importantly, Surface Pro bids adieu to the nonsense of Windows RT, and delivers Windows 8 Pro instead. And that classy, molded magnesium chassis is now stuffed with a Core i5 processor—you know, just like a real PC.

Here's a great side shot of the upcoming Surface Pro. If you're familiar with Surface RT, you can immediately tell the Pro version is thicker.

Both Surface RT and Surface Pro feature 10.6-inch, optically bonded displays, but where the RT’s screen tops out at 1366x768, the Pro version of Surface delivers a true HD resolution of 1920x1080. This bump in pixel density helps address one of my main gripes with Surface RT: Its unmistakable lack of visual clarity compared to Apple’s Retina display products.

Would it become one of CES's hot PC in 2013? Let's expect the good news.

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Microsoft Surface Pro hands on

Microsoft Surface Pro hands on